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Chief Transformation Officer

Interested in: Ethical Leadership
Concerned with: Outdated Systems
Motivated by: Creative Thinking

The public sector exists to serve communities, not the bottom line. They cannot do this alone. Civic engagement is the magic sauce that brings citizens, groups, and municipalities together to protect public values and make positive change.

Civic Engagement

Our method is designed to help the public sector get the best value from an equitable, robust public input process. We examine the costs and benefits of quality public participation, when and when not to involve the public in an organizational decision, and emphasize the importance of setting clear expectations with the public about their involvement in the process. Our goal is to show how projects are usually improved when engaging properly with the public -the people most affected by the outcome.

Group Facilitation

Whether you are embarking on a strategic planning process, looking to hold a staff or board retreat, or want to professionalize a group of volunteers or public officials, we can help improve how your organization solves problems and makes decisions to increase overall effectiveness.

Leadership for Decision Makers

In the public sector, decisions are scrutinized because they affect the public in some way. We understand that decision making in complex situations is not easy. We work with leaders to identify critical factors which will affect the outcome of a decision, evaluate options accurately, establish priorities, navigate uncertainty, and explore the ethical implications of high stakes decision-making. Through a holistic approach, we develop the skills and instincts of organizational and community leaders.

Speaking Engagements

Nancy is a dynamic speaker and presenter. She has headlined events like the Women’s March and TEDX Portsmouth Women and has presented at conferences, been a guest speaker, delivered keynote addresses, and facilitated round table discussions across New England. Contact Nancy


“Nancy is a wonderfully skilled facilitator who can simultaneously spark great dialogue while keeping everyone on task and on time. She asks targeted and thought-provoking questions but allows dialogue to grow organically, leading to meaningful and sometimes even profound exchanges. For me, Cirque was exactly what I needed – without realizing I needed it!  While I learned a lot about ethical leadership principles and how to apply them in my own work, Cirque also helped me synthesize and articulate a lifetime of experiences that shape my values and ultimately will shape my business in the years to come.”
~Lori Allen
CIRQUE Participant

“Before Artisine was established, we benefited from the extraordinary knowledge and kindness of our professional network. Nancy sat with us around the kitchen table to talk about first steps and challenges related to our nonprofit journey. She reminded us to be focused and persistent in our mission and build the highest quality experiences possible. Her enthusiasm energized us and helped us launch our organization! Thank you, Nancy!

“Nancy came to Claremont to support local entrepreneurs, but we discussed issues and strategies that went beyond economic development. Nancy has a passion for community and looks at public policy in a way that is fresh, optimistic, and contagious, especially in her professional approach to how leaders can make policy relevant today. “
~Ryan McNutt
Former City Manager, Claremont, NH

Nancy is smart and practical, and with her vast experience, she has ‘seen it all!’  Nancy is one of the first people  I think about when it comes to recommending a professional to help.  Further, I’m consistently impressed with Nancy’s ability to connect with an audience, no matter the topic.
~ Beverly Donovan
Economic Development Director, Derry, NH

I had an idea during COVID to turn a city parking lot into an outdoor food garden and performing arts area to help businesses generate additional revenues while giving the community a space to gather safely. Nancy was the first person who I went to for advice and guidance, as she is one of the few people I know who is no-nonsense and can get things done. And that’s exactly what she did through her will, intelligence, and ability to problem solve on the spot.”
~ Kathleen Cavalaro
Former Executive Director, Seacoast Repertory Theatre, Portsmouth, NH

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