At Mind the Gap, we believe in public service
and doing good work.

On a Mission

What happens when a social system leaves people behind? What if our policies simply reinforce existing power structures? Enter robust civic engagement. Local government exists to serve communities and that means everyone. We think civic engagement is powerful and sexy. We work with communities to improve civic engagement by removing barriers, building on what already works, and adopting inclusive practices for a more equitable future.

Our History

Mind the Gap was founded in 2020 by Nancy Pearson, who saw an opportunity to combine her experience in the entrepreneur arena with her expertise in nonprofit administration and the public sector. Skilled in troubleshooting and leadership development, Nancy brings creativity and unconventional thinking to systems theory. She has an affinity for the symbol of the circle which represents eternity and perfection. A break in the circle means it is not whole. For Nancy, minding the gap means finding the pain points that closes the circle.