The CIRQUE space is safe, confidential, and supportive. Over six weeks, we follow a hybrid of both guided and open-ended prompts that lead participants to claim their role in a more intentional future. Participants receive the full curriculum upon registration, and leave the CIRQUE experience with a better understanding of ethical leadership, some tools to walk the walk, and an expanded network to support their personal and professional goals.

What is a leadership circle?
The CIRQUE leadership circles are facilitated small groups made up of formal and informally designated leaders. These circles provide a confidential setting in which peers can discuss and solve real-time problems with real-world experience.

What is ethical leadership?
Ethical leadership is rooted in respect, service, justice, honesty, and community. Character is a leading factor in moral/ethical development. Ethical leaders operate in the space between self-interest, the interest of others, and the greater community.

Round Two of the CIRQUE is coming, Fall 2021.


“Nancy is a wonderfully skilled facilitator who can simultaneously spark great dialogue while keeping everyone on task and on time. She asks targeted and thought-provoking questions but allows dialogue to grow organically, leading to meaningful and sometimes even profound exchanges. For me, Cirque was exactly what I needed – without realizing I needed it!  While I learned a lot about ethical leadership principles and how to apply them in my own work, Cirque also helped me synthesize and articulate a lifetime of experiences that shape my values and ultimately will shape my business in the years to come.”
~Lori Allen
CIRQUE Participant