Deference to Dogma Creates Public Policy Blindspots

This is a post about public policy and the consequences of non-governing bodies creating and enacting policy without considering the people whose lives will be impacted the most. But first, an observation. A much discussed photo from the recent wedding of a Trump family member struck a chord with me. It was the physical similarities … Continue reading Deference to Dogma Creates Public Policy Blindspots

How to Support Decision-Makers

Congratulations, you got elected!! Now what?? In the public sector, every decision a leader makes affects the public in some way. It could be that there is a cost associated with it, or it affects the way residents and business owners go about their daily life. It could relate to a safety issue like the … Continue reading How to Support Decision-Makers

Civic Engagement 3.0

Civic engagement is when a community works together to protect public values or make positive change. It can build community gardens to address food insecurity, create community partnerships to tackle substance misuse, or develop public art initiatives to make art and creativity accessible to everyone. That is not to say civic engagement doesn’t have its shortcomings, … Continue reading Civic Engagement 3.0

Recover. Reset. Revolution.

As a systems thinker, I’ve watched with great interest how the 2020-2021 pandemic has cracked open, for all to see, the fallout of decades, even centuries, of broken systems, institutionalized prejudice, and causal loops of disparity built into nearly system of our culture. Whether it was access to basic healthcare or to basic technology for … Continue reading Recover. Reset. Revolution.

Service, Not Self Interest

In Western culture, we value independence and romanticize, even idolize, the rugged individual. But in times of crisis like the global pandemic and its ripple effect across many systems and sectors, we are seeing in real time how dogmatic individualism can hurt communities, hinder recovery efforts, even divide our country and communities. This is not … Continue reading Service, Not Self Interest

Lead with Appreciation

The wisest leaders I know draw from a great many sources to inform their decision-making and push them outside of their comfort zone, or learning edges. In my experience, a learning edge for many leaders is striking the right balance between empathy and candor. I advise my clients and mentees to approach a sensitive or … Continue reading Lead with Appreciation