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Signature Program

Our peer to peer circles are rooted in the foundation of ethical leadership. We’ll explore how the global pandemic has forever altered the way we lead and live. Formal and informally designated leaders will learn together how to adapt, be ready for change, and improve the social systems around them. Learn more

Peer to Peer Leadership Circles

A Wicked Problem

is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve. We view the conundrum of civic engagement in this way. The squeaky wheel tends to get the grease, and those whose voices need to be heard the most tend to remain silent. This is why we’re on a mission. Dig in deeper

Creation Story

Mind the Gap, LLC is a woman owned agency founded by Nancy Pearson. Skilled in transformation and leadership, Nancy spent over twenty years in the nonprofit and public sectors troubleshooting problems, reimagining systems, and training leaders. She is currently conducting doctoral research on that digs deeply into the origins of municipal civic engagement to help her clients improve these processes. Nancy served consecutive terms on the Portsmouth, NH City Council, and holds an MPA.
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Founder & Chief Transformation Officer

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